Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Kaise mujhe tum mil gayi

Movie : Ghajini
Singers : Benny Dayal & Shreya Ghoshal
Song : Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gayi
Lyricist : Prasoon Joshi
Actors : Aamir Khan, Asin, Jiah Khan
Music Director : A R Rahman

Ho.. ho.. ho.. ho.. ho
ho.. ho.. ho.. ho.. ho
ho.. ho..

Kaise mujhe tum mil gayi
Kismat pe aaye na yakeen
Utar aayi jheel mein
Jaise chaand utarta hai kabhi
Haule haule
Dheere se

Gunguni dhoop ki tarah se
Tarannum mein tum
Chhoo ke mujhe
Guzri ho yun
Dekhun tumhe
Ya main sunu
Tum ho sukoon
Tum ho junoon
Kyun pehle na
Aayi tum

Kaise mujhe tum mil gayi
Ho.. ho.. ho.. ho.. ho
Kismat pe aaye na yakeen
Ho.. ho.. ho.. ho.. ho

Main to ye sochta tha
Ki aaj kal
Uparwaale ko fursat nahi
Phir bhi tumhe banake wo

Meri nazar mein chadh gaya
Rutbe mein wo
Aur badh gaya

aa.. aa..
aa.. aa..

Badle raaste jharne aur nadi
Badle deep tim tim
Chhede zindagi dhun koi nayi
Badle barkha ki rim jhim
Badlengi rituen ada
Par main rahungi sada
Usi tarah

Teri baahon mein baahein daal ke
Har lamha
Har pal


Zindagi sitar ho gayi
Rim jhim malhar ho gayi
Mujhe aata nahi

Kismat pe apni yakeen
Kaise mujhko mil gayi tum

Monday, December 22, 2008

Google Alert - basirhat

Google Web Alert for: basirhat

Basirhat Court Complex
Basirhat Court... ... Basirhat Court Complex. Basirhat Court Complex. Permalink to this place. add your comment in English ...
Basirhat High School Videos
Visit our video library and watch hours of videos and short clips. We have videos of all sorts to match most of your personal preferences.
basirhat_college : basirhat college physics (hons) group
Hope you all will cooperate with this small effort by taking membership of the group and forwarding this message to as many friends of basirhat college as ...
The Statesman
The inspector-in-charge of Basirhat police station was directed to ensure ... Mr Ghosh, a resident Basirhat in North-24-Parganas had moved Calcutta High ...
Are You suprised ?
Rejuvenation of Rajendrapur Water supply scheme of P.H.E.Dte. under Basirhat Sub -Division under Barasat Division, P.H.E.Dte. 909009.00, 18180.00, 26.11.08 ...
General Elections 2004 Candidates Details for 14-Basirhat ...
HTML Ukilpara, New Market, PO-Basirhat, North - 743411 ˆÛú߻֯ÖÖ¸üÖ,®µÖæ ´ÖÖÙÛú™ ü, ¯ÖÖê. ... Colony,, PO-Basirhat College, - - ÛúÖ»Öê•Ö¯ÖÖ¸üÖ,3 ®ÖÓ. ...
Father & wife fight over body-Kolkata -Cities-The Times of India
KOLKATA: Police in Basirhat are caught in a strange tug-of-war. ... Mondal, a farmer in Basirhat's Jhenekhali village, had moved in with his in-laws in Taki ...
National Portal of India : Government : Who's Who
Constituency from which I am elected, Basirhat. Father's Name, Late Shri Nalin Behari Chakraborty. Mother's Name, Late Smt. Lila Chakraborty ...

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Saturday, December 20, 2008

On the way to Basirhat

On the way to Basirhat, originally uploaded by Mandar Sengupta.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

surjo dobar pala ase jodi asuk besh to

thik sondhe namar aage, originally uploaded by srijankundu.

good morning kolkata

good morning kolkata, originally uploaded by srijankundu.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Ajo Achye Sei......

Ajo ache sei surji doba nodi..
Ajo ache sei nokshi kathar math
Ache chalay chokh rekhe miche swapno dekha
Ache chile kothar ghare kichu ichche rakha

Dure chole geche , bahu dure.. bujhte parini kato dure..
Albumer majhe din gulo harie geche
Sei barshay hatujal rastata aaj kothay ache?
Jani na, ami jani na…

Ajo jete chai sei ghum poriri deshe
Ajo chute chai sei chander pahar
Ache chander majhe charka burir chaka
Aache tepantarer mathe kichu swapno rakha.
Dure chole geche , bahu dure.. bujhte parini kato dure..
Albumer majhe din gulo harie geche
Sei grismer dupur gulo keno bodle geche?

Jani na, ami jani na…

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Friday, December 12, 2008

Techno India First Batch Youtube video

Techno indiar purono sabar e video ta dekhle puro anek smriti mone pore jabe :)

Monday, December 8, 2008

Maradona @ Kolkata MohunBagan Club

Once the formalities were done and dusted ‘el diego’ picked up a ball juggled it and then volleyed promptly into the members stand, what followed thereafter is what dreams are made of….`the gifted one` overjoyed by the rousing reception started kicking one ball after the other into the stands, making his way from one to the other

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Friday, December 5, 2008

bikeler rod chilo aar ...

Fike hoye asha andhakar,
Platforme dhoya otha chayer bhar
Janlar kanch ta te lege thaka sunyata
sasabde chute chale train...
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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Tomar chokhe dekhechilam amar sarbonash ...

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Ek cup chaye ami tomake chai ...

Tomake chai

Kabir Suman

prothomoto ami tomake chai, ditioto ami tomake chai
tritioto ami tomake chai, shesh porjonto tomake chai.
nijhum ondhokare tomake chai, ratbhor hole ami tomake chai
shokaler koishore tomake chai, shondher obokashe tomake chai.
boishakhi jhore ami tomake chai, asharer meghe ami tomake chai
srabone srabone ami tomake chai, okal bodhone ami tomake chai.

kobekar kolkata shohorer pothe, purono notun mukh ghore imarote
ogonti manusher klanto michile, ochena chhutir chhowa tumi ene dile
nagorik klantite tomake chai, ek fota shantite tomake chai
bohudur hete eshe tomake chai, e jibon bhalobeshe tomake chai.

chourastar mor'e-park'e-dokan'e, shohor'e-gonz'e-gram'e-ekhane-okhane
station terminus ghate bondore, ochena drawing room'er chena bondor'e
balish-toshok-katha-purono chadore, thanda sheet'er raat'e leper ador'e
kadi kathey, coukathe , madurey paposhey , hashi-raag-oviman-jhogra-aposhe
tomake chai, tomake chai, tomake chai, tomake chai.

ek cup chaa'e ami tomake chai, daine o baye ami tomake chai
dekha na dekhai ami tomake chai, na bola kothai ami tomake chai.
shirshendur kono notun novel e, hothat porte bosha abol tabole
oboddho kobita ar thungri-kheyal'e, slogane slongane-dhaka deyale deyale
Sholil Chowdhury'r fele asha gan'e, Chaurasiya'r bashi mukhorito pran'e
bhule jaowa Himangshu Dutta'r shur'e, shei kobekar onurodher ashor'e.
tomake chai, tomake chai, tomake chai, tomake chai.

onurodh'e, minoti-te tomake chai, bedona'r arti-te tomake chai
dabi-daowa-chahida'i tomake chai, lojja-didha'i ami tomake chai.
odhikar bujhe neya prokhor dabite, shararat jege anka loraku chhobi te
chhipchhipe kobitar chhonde bhashay, buddhi'r juktite bachar ashai
srenihin shomajer chiro bashonai, din bodol'er dhora chetonai
didha-dondher din ghochhar shopne, shammyobad'er dak ghume-jagorone
bikkhobe-biplobe tomake chai, bishon oshomvobe tomake chai
shanti oshantite tomake chai, ei bibhranti-te tomake chai.
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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Invitation from jaago re


I’ve been awakened and I want you to be awake too. I realised how
important it is to vote and how simple it is now. Jaago re! One Billion Votes has made it possible to register to vote online and it only takes five minutes.

Go to to learn more.

If you’re already registered to vote, you can still join the Jaago re! One Billion Votes movement and be part of the awakening.

Go to for more information.


Sunday, November 23, 2008

Saturday, November 22, 2008


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infosys bhubaneswar food court

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Basirhat Station

Basirhat Station, originally uploaded by srijankundu.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Eta 14 pradip er ekti... Dwipanwita lakshmi pujor( Kali pujor din hay ) aager din purbo purush der ke sraddha jalate ei 14 ti pradip jwalano hay ....
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its chandrabhaga, not goa

Bishal baro baro dheu.. asadharon ekta beach ... aar bose galpo karar jonne ei chata gulo ... ekhane gele anek jagotik samasya bhule jaoa jay ... sottie..
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chandrabhaga beach, konark, india

Ekta asadharan samudratat, Orissa y. Konark theke 3 km dure... durdanto jayga ..
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deep blue sea

chandrabhaga beach , near konark , India
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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

USA always conducts vote on a Tuesday... in November... but why?

The short answer: They used to be a nation of farmers. 

The long answer: Congress chose November because the harvest was over and the weather wouldn't be bad enough to prevent people from traveling.

As for Tuesday, people used to have to travel overnight to their polling location. (In 1845, horse was the preferred method of transport.) In an effort to avoid religious days of rest, Congress chose Tuesday, leaving Monday and Wednesday as travel days. Tuesday was voting (and horse-resting) day.


From :



Monday, November 3, 2008

Eso Ma Lakshmi , boso ghare...

aaye honuman kala khabi???

aaye honuman ...., originally uploaded by srijankundu.

jay jagannath dekhte jabi????

holde sobuj orang otang

holde sobuj orang otang, originally uploaded by srijankundu.

mushkil ashan ure mali

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

New Google Android Application Kills Traffic, Saves Trees

With the impending release of the first phone to feature Google’s Android platfrom, we’re beginning to see a few of the first apps that will be available through Google’s Android Market. Among these is SugarTrip, an application that takes an innovative approach to measuring street traffic by taking advantage of the GPS units.

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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

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