Thursday, November 15, 2007

srijan kundu has sent you a Google Gadget

Hello! Your friend has created a Google Gadget entitled Basirhat, and he or she would like to share it with you via iGoogle, your personalized version of the Google homepage. Your friend's gadget may change from one day to the next, so visit your iGoogle page daily to see what's new.

Here's your friend's message to you:


Add your friend's gadget to iGoogle


This gadget was sent to you by: srijan kundu

Check your iGoogle page daily at to look for updates to your friend's gadget!
Want to make your own gadget to share with others? Sign in and create a gadget.

After you've added this gadget to your page, you can personalize further by adding other gadgets you link, including email, news, sports, weather, and thousands of others. You can get back to your iGoogle page by going to and clicking the "iGoogle" link in the upper right-hand corner. You can always return to the classic Google homepage by clicking the "Classic Home" link.
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